Unified transform lab

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Occasionally, an undergraduate research product can be continued to produce an article publishable in an academic journal.


The processes of review and publication takes months or years. In the meantime, papers are published as preprints on the arXiv.

Capstone report

In their final year, undergraduate students at Yale-NUS undertake a research project known as the capstone. This is designed to offer significant research experience. Students whose major is Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics (MCS) are expected to produce a final report on their capstone project, a document of approximately 40 pages. The reports for MCS students who have completed their capstone in the unified transform lab are listed below.

Lab report

Students undertaking significant research projects in the unified transform laboratory produce a report on their findings.

[AS2019a] Sultan Aitzhan, Dave Smith Adjoints of general multipoint differential operators, Unified transform lab summer research report (2019), 1–22 Final report


Projects supported by the Yale-NUS College Summer Research Programme produce a presentation for the Summer Research Symposium in September.




Public repository

While some projects are purely theoretical, without the need for any computational work, some projects produce significant code repositories. These code repositories are listed below.